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W3 London

The brief from the client was to create a minimalist contemporary style garden inspired by their neighbour who had also used Gardenworks to transform their space.

A large sandstone patio was built outside the adjoining breakfast room and situated next to this was a large stone water feature set amongst tactile planting. We were also asked to build a timber workshop/sofa room to accommodate the family's teenagers and this was fitted with a solid timber bench to be used for woodwork, and also had electricity for tv, music, and wifi. 

It was designed so that a path meandered through the garden past a granite circle and through a pergola supporting a wisteria. This opened up to a vegetable garden at the rear used to feed a large family.


"It is nearly 10 years since you came to landscape my garden in Acton .
And I would like to thank you and tell you that I get an enormous amount of pleasure from it every day.
I have been growing lots of veg in the beds over the past 4 years (took me a while to get going!)
But I hope this finds you, and yours, and the company thriving in these difficult times."

Annie Hibbert, LONDON W3